7 minutes a day, let you experience the ultimate fitness effect

Just take a short 7 minutes a day, and the amount of exercise you get and the effect is even comparable to a long run or a few hours in the gym. Can you imagine this? And the tools it uses are simpler, you can experience ultimate fitness as long as you have a wall and a chair.

This is a set of fitness methods from the American ACSM (American Sports Association) study recommended by the New York Times in the Health column.

    Chris Jordan, a sports student physicist from the Orlando Institute for Human Performance Research in Orlando, is one of the founders of this training method. He suggested that people who take this exercise method complete a full set of 12 movements in 7 minutes, each of which lasts about 30 seconds, and you need to keep a rest of about 10 seconds between each movement to give your muscles freedom. The chance to breathe.

    1.Jumping jacks - opening and closing 331-7fenzhong1.jpg

    2.Wall sit - sit back against the wall at right angles 3317fenzhong2.jpg

     3.Push-up - push-ups


    4.Abdominal crunch - sit ups


    5.Step-up onto chair - stand on one leg


    6.Squat - pick up


    7.Triceps dip on chair - back chair back support


    8.Plank - flat support


    9.High Knees running in place - standing leg lift run


    10.Lunge - Bow and Arrow


    11.Push-up and rotation - prone side rotation


    12.Side plank - side support 3317fenzhong12.jpg

    Pay attention to the essentials:

    1. Pay attention to the order of actions when training. These actions include the exercises of the upper and lower limbs. If the order of the movements is wrong, the muscles in the same part will be over-consumed.

    2. In order to ensure that these 7 minutes can really play their role, you have to ensure the intensity of the exercise, that is to say, each action must be "perfect". If you divide your exercise intensity into 10 levels, then in these 7 minutes you should try to keep yourself at the 8th level.

    In this way, do you think that this 7 minutes is very torturous? But there is also a good news here to tell you, that is 7 minutes after all, short, you will be free soon. If you want to lose weight, you can choose to repeat the 7- minute training method two or three times a day. Then when you stand on the scale, you will feel what is "painful and happy."

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