Print 05: Analysis of Hybrid/UV Ink New Product (4)

We still need to continue research Although hybrid UV inks have been available for a long time, there are still some problems and challenges to be solved. Bonallo suggested that vendors should make some prior assessment of the purpose of using the system and the types of products that will be man ......Reading more

U.S. Invents Methods for Making Plastics from Oranges

A research group at Cornell University in the US invented a "sweet" and environmentally friendly process - producing plastics from citrus plants such as oranges and carbon dioxide. Jeffrey Kotz, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Conor University, and his graduate students in t ......Reading more

PolyOne will launch a new type of flame-resistant nano …

US manufacturers are looking for ways to make the commercialization of nanotechnology, nanotechnology boom will continue to heat up. “Using nanotechnology is as challenging as researching a new periodic table of elements,” said Roger Avakian, technical director at PolyOne Corp., headq ......Reading more

UV ink advantages and development

UV ink, as its name suggests, is a specially formulated ink that uses ultraviolet (ULTRAVIOLET) light wave sensitization to make the ink film and dry. The mechanism of UV ink drying and film formation is a chemical change. Different UV spectra were used to generate different energy and different p ......Reading more

From rookie to Everest (4): Medical knowledge, highly r…

Spoon: This is the most specific and practical high altitude medical knowledge I have ever read. I have always felt that this is a very difficult topic. During the translation process, I constantly recalled the symptoms I experienced in the mountains. If you read these early enough, you will sav ......Reading more

Linear Guide Printing Slotting Machine

CN2538540Y The main structure of a printing slot machine provided with a linear guide in the slotted portion includes a paper feeding portion, a printing portion, a circular press cutting portion, a slotted portion, a delivery portion, an electrical engineering portion, and the like. The slotted ......Reading more

Portable intelligent barcode machine

1. Title of Invention : Patent Number for Portable Intelligent Barcode All-in-One. 1 Abstract: This utility model is a portable intelligent barcode integrated machine, which relates to the field of printing equipment. It solves the technical shortcomings of the original bar coder that must be con ......Reading more