Optional accessories for the German IKA Eurostar cantil…

General-purpose laboratory stirrer, suitable for conventional stirring, handling capacity up to 25 l (H2O). The speed range is 0/30-2000 rpm, and the speed is automatically adjusted by microprocessor control technology. The safety circuit design can ensure that the equipment can automatically stop r ......Reading more

Digital printing will surely become a new development p…

Today, the rapid progress of technology has made the development of many industries into the fast lane. The product update frequency is higher and higher, the research and development cycle is shorter and shorter, and the market competition is more and more fierce. While technology brings change a ......Reading more

Gas Chromatograph

A. All component peaks become smaller. Possible causes Suggested measures 1 Defective injection needle Use a new needle or a non-defective needle 2 Leak night after injection to determine the night leak, maintenance 3 MAE UP is too large: Split ratio is too large Adjust gas flow rate and split Ratio ......Reading more

Analysis on the Application of ERP in Printing Enterpri…

Under the environment of world economic recession, the operating conditions of many printing companies are not optimistic. In order to cope with the crisis, printing companies have strengthened information management while reducing expenditures, and demanded benefits from management. Today, most p ......Reading more

Beauty back small coups boldly wear backless

The back is often a forgotten part, the acne is easy to change, the skin is dull and rough, and we need to increase the intensity to care. So what do you need for back care? Deep cleansing care Touching the skin on your back is not a rough hand feeling. A large part of the reason is that the dail ......Reading more

Simple 10 strokes help you burn calories

1. Intermittent exercise. It takes a whole period of time every day to exercise and it is easy for people to get “trained with exercise”, and so is the body. In daily workouts, intermittent exercises that intersperse with different strength exercises help prevent boring movements and c ......Reading more