Foaming ink composition and characteristics

The foaming ink is formed by blending a water-based resin and a water-based water solvent, a microsphere foam, and other auxiliary agents. As the foaming ink is used in the water-based connection material, it is easy to use, no pollution, and the ink on the screen through the good and reproducible ......Reading more

The difference between the wide mouth glass bottle hand…

In the production of wide-mouth glass bottles, there are many manual machines (there are foot-operated hand-turning bottles), and the two production processes of the assembly line, different processes, and different prices, many customers do not understand, do not understand, The specific differenc ......Reading more

Six-color printing process makes milk bottles bloom

Darigold is a dairy farm in Seattle and is run by a farmer whose dairy products are sold in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Darigold's latest milk is available in two flavors and two models, packaged in corrugated bottles, and a cap over the milk bottle for easy pouring of milk. The French vani ......Reading more

Zijiang's expansion of production capacity will cha…

Zijiang Enterprise issued an announcement on December 22 stating that its holding subsidiary Ziquan Beverage planned to invest 194.67 million yuan in advance to build an aseptic filling production line to produce milk beverages and coffee beverages. In addition, the company plans to establish Lanzh ......Reading more

Transparent PP film develops high transparent label mar…

The US label giant has introduced a versatile high-gloss white PP label film that can be used in multiple film label markets, including food and health and beauty products, as well as lubricants and household cleaning products. It is said to be a general-purpose high-gloss white PP film for the labe ......Reading more

The origin of sealing tape

1928 Scotch Tape Richard Drew, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA Applying in the United Kingdom and the United States on May 30, 1928, Drew developed a very light, compact adhesive, and the initial attempt was not sticky, and Drew was told, "Take this thing. Get back to your Scottish bosses and ask t ......Reading more

Bottle with reminder function sells for 700 yuan

According to statistics, half of Americans are eating at least one prescription drug, and most of them do not follow medical orders. The United States recently introduced a smart pharmaceutical bottle with light and sound reminders that can remotely monitor your medications through AT&T's ......Reading more