Autumn Nail Must-have Midnight Glow Nail Tutorial

To create this cool, futuristic manicure, we will mainly use the above items: navy blue nail polish, gold nail polish with sequins, silver nail polish with sequins, gold nail polish, silver nail polish. 1. First apply your favorite transparent base oil. After drying, apply two layers of navy blue ......Reading more

Halloween party "makeup" charm and seductive

Working or shopping on weekdays, the elegant makeup is definitely the best choice. But if you want to participate in the evening PARTY, the elegant makeup can't pass, but as long as you have done the foundation and painted the basic eyeliner during the day, you can do the following small moves ......Reading more

Furniture placed to create a safe environment for Hallo…

On Halloween, many people go to a friend's house to have a party or party. In addition to being happy, we need to pay attention to some matters of home feng shui. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the feng shui layout of the furniture. It is necessary to avoid the bad luck cause ......Reading more

2012 color makeup color review

1, orange lipstick and nail polish Pantone named an orange red "Tango Tangerine" as the 2012 popular color. And as a make-up, we also love this bright orange. Although the orange eyeliner on the runway looks very cool, using this color on your lips or nails will make your skin look more ......Reading more

Beixin Building Materials Global Witness Jumps to World…

Recently, Qiao Longde, President of China Building Materials Federation, Song Zhiping, Chairman of China Building Materials Group, Qin Chunyu, President of China Building Materials Magazine, Xu Luozhen, Secretary General of China Building Materials Federation Gypsum Building Materials Branch, Li Yi ......Reading more

Precautions after home renovation

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] After the renovation of the house, the owner needs to pay attention to some maintenance problems, do not stay immediately. Experts reminded that after the completion of the renovation, the industry pays attention to the following precautions: 1) The room ......Reading more

How to buy a durable trolley case

   On the market, there are all kinds of trolley boxes, cheaper forty or fifty dollars, and even lower, expensive for thousands of thousands. No matter how much price, everyone wants their boxes to be strong enough. What kind of luggage is strong ? Is it more expensive and more solid ? &quo ......Reading more