Summer makeup tips to create the perfect face

In summer, the skin is most problematic, the skin is dry and dehydrated, the sebum secretion is strong, and the dark spots are easy to surface. These skin problems directly affect the makeup effect. How can I make the makeup look good and clear, and achieve the best results? Homemade mask hydratin ......Reading more

Brief introduction of Wuliangye wine bottle RFID tag

The label used by Wuliangye should have 20 to 30 million wines on the market. When you open it, you can see that the wine bottle label does not look much different from the original Wuliangye label. If you see the four letters of RFID, you can add four letters of RFID to the left. You will know the ......Reading more

Foam paste helps ink improve stability

Foam printing paste is composed of all-water adhesives, foaming agents, stabilizers, etc. It is a kind of relative that through the mechanical method, a certain proportion of air is evenly mixed in to form numerous fine uniform bubble micro-polymers. A stable dispersion system, which is printed on ......Reading more

"With the wine door" suspected actress big se…

The actress accompanying the wine has become a hot topic for everyone to pay attention to. Their exquisite makeup is also relished by people. Here is a list of suspected actresses who are exquisitely dressed. Lin Zhiling Accompanying the wine incident: Some readers broke the news to the Taiwane ......Reading more

Printing ink for liquid soft plastic packaging film

The film material used for liquid soft plastic packaging film is mainly polyethylene (PE) co-extruded film, which must meet the requirements of packaging printing, processing, storage and transportation and hygiene. From the perspective of film appearance and performance, it can be divided into th ......Reading more

Gillian walks out of the Yanzhao door to show the class…

Although the Yanzhaomen incident caused Gillian to be hit hard, however, Gillian came back bravely a year later, and now Gillian has finally stepped out of the gloom and bravely joined the work, and the state is brave. In a group of photos taken not long ago, Gillian tried retro styles to show the ......Reading more