Miramar Environmental Water-based Ink

Kunshan Miramar Ink Coating Co., Ltd. has introduced screen printing environmental water-based ink W EVA for printing materials such as EVA leather goods, PU leather, cotton cloth, and chemical fiber cloth. It has smooth surface, softness, pure color, strong adhesion, over-web and Leveling and oth ......Reading more

Determination of color sequence of lithographic offset …

I. Determine the printing color sequence according to the nature of the ink 1) The transparency and hiding power of the ink depends on the difference between the refractive index of the pigment and the binder. After the multi-colored ink with high transparency is overprinted, the color light of t ......Reading more

Talking about the charm of packaging

Packaging design is a design art science integrating practical technology, marketing, and aesthetics. It not only enables the product to have a safe and beautiful coat, but also becomes a powerful marketing tool today. The concept of packaging design Literally speaking, the word "packaging& ......Reading more

Five product packaging strategies

1. Similar packaging strategy. Enterprises use the same patterns, similar colors, the same packaging materials, and the same shape for their products to facilitate customers to identify the company's products. For customers who are loyal to their companies, similar packaging will undoubtedly h ......Reading more

The significance and basic requirements of product pack…

The significance and basic requirements of product packaging planning Chain store companies often purchase or bring their own products in a containerized way, and then sell through the logistics process of sorting and packing. The role of packaging has changed from passive product protection to a ......Reading more

Experiences on Label Printing Supplies and Environmenta…

Paper The label pattern is mainly on the ground, which requires the smoothness, whiteness and glossiness of the paper. If you want to get a satisfactory label printing effect in the field, the smoothness of the paper must be high to ensure that the printed product has a uniform density value, so ......Reading more

Tea packaging roll

Patent Type: Utility Model Inventor: Yang Shouyun Applicant: Yang Shouyun Principal Applicant Address: No. 23, Unit 2, 38th Floor, Balizhuang Dongli, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100025 Application No. 1 Application Date: 2005.06.02 Auditing Announcement No.: 2797246 Auditing Announcement Date: 2 ......Reading more