Phoenix New Media landed on the NYSE on May 12 (VC305)

On May 12, Phoenix New Media was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading code "FENG". Phoenix New Media has an issue price of US $ 11 per share. This time, 12.77 million American Depositary Shares (ADS) were issued, raising funds of US $ 144.7 million. Phoeni ......Reading more

Basic principles and application guidance of chemilumin…

The basic principle of chemiluminescence (Chemiluminescense) is the chemical reaction between the two substances A and B to generate substance C. The energy released by the reaction is absorbed by the molecules of substance C and transitions to the excited state C *. The process of excited C * ret ......Reading more

Rat Cyclic Adenosine Phosphate (cAMP) ELISA Kit Instruc…

Rat Cyclic Adenosine Phosphate (cAMP) ELISA Kit Instructions This kit is for in vitro research use only, not for clinical diagnosis! Intended application Quantitative determination of cAMP in rat serum, plasma or other related biological fluids by ELISA. Experimental principle Microporous plate ......Reading more

New progress has been made in the research of GaN-based…

As an outstanding representative of the third generation semiconductor, GaN-based materials have been widely used in the field of optoelectronics, such as laser (LD), light emitting diode (LED), high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) and so on. In addition, GaN-based materials have good radiatio ......Reading more

Plant Gibberellin (GA) ELISA Kit Instructions

The company specializes in supplying Elisa kits, quality assurance, price concessions, and can provide free testing services, please call to consult! This manual is for reference only, subject to the company's current provision, please call to obtain it. This kit can only be used for scientif ......Reading more