Development and Research Progress of Environment-friend…

Abstract : This paper introduces the characteristics of waterborne coating and the selection and role of the main components in the development process. From the aspects of system type and curing mechanism, the research progress and problems of aqueous coating oil are summarized. The best formulat ......Reading more

The use of EB ink characteristics and applications

Electron beam curing ink (EB ink) is an ink that can rapidly change from a liquid to a solid state under the irradiation of a high-energy electron beam. It is a new environmentally-friendly ink. The main advantage of EB ink is that it does not pollute the environment. Its components also do not co ......Reading more

Screen printing process for rotating plastic containers

Rotary body plastic prints mainly refer to cups, bottles, cans, cans, and the like. They have cylinders, cones, ellipses, and other shapes. The printing position can be a frontal section or two front and back sides, and it may also be full-circumference. Rotary plastic container screen printing t ......Reading more

Graphic Design and Separation Techniques for Screen Pri…

To tell the truth, I don't really like to know only how to manipulate the computer without knowing the printing process. How to blame the designer for designing, they do not even consider whether the post-printing process can be realized. I think that as a designer, he The artistic literacy an ......Reading more

The folding and film packaging machine that makes the m…

At present, the use of plastic films for bundled packaging has become a common form of packaging in the medical field. This type of packaging has been widely used because of its many advantages such as low cost, effective moisture-proof and dustproof, and beautiful outer packaging. There are mainl ......Reading more

Analyze the mysterious label printing ink

With the development of economy, the wide application of labels on commodities has led to the rapid development of the label printing industry. However, at present, people know much less about label printing inks than about the label materials, printing methods, etc. Label printing inks need to be ......Reading more

Wanbei new generation of charter combination forklift d…

——Reducing packaging production line operators by 70% and packaging costs by more than 40%. In the first half of the year, the production and operation situation of Wanbei Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. of Fangcheng County, Henan Province continued to take a good lead. ......Reading more