Do not pay attention to the difference between red and white oil

Red dry oil (also known as drilling dry oil) and white dry oil (also known as dry oil) are all desiccants for ink, but due to the composition of the two components are different. It is also different from the dry form of the ink layer.

The addition of red dry oil to the ink can accelerate the rate of oxidative conjunctiva on the surface of the ink layer, that is, it quickly dries on the surface of the ink layer. However, red dry oil can not promote the ink layer inside the dry operation speed has greatly improved. White oil has the property of promoting the overall drying of the ink layer. When the dry oil is added to the ink, the drying speed on the surface and inside of the ink layer can be greatly improved. therefore. When we use desiccant. Must pay attention to the difference between the two forms of drying. E.g. For the ink surface drying. Red dry oil is better than white dry oil.

However, if the thick printing ink layer or the paper on the ground due to pH relationship itself is not good drying performance of the ink layer, if the operator simply use red oil as the ink drying Jing, the ink layer is likely to appear The surface is dry but the interior is not very dry. In the case of such prints, in the case of external rubbing, it is easy to wipe off the ink so that the prints are left scratched and affect the quality of the product.

In addition, it is necessary to add a desiccant when printing gold ink or silver ink. Red dry oil should generally be used instead of dry oil. Because white dry oil is combined with gold ink and silver ink. There is a tendency to make the original ink darker. This will affect the gloss of gold and silver inks.

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