Multi-bottle automatic boxing machine broken wire nail mechanism

The utility model relates to a feeding box mechanism. In order to solve the problem of the automatic staple system for cartoning by a cartoning machine, the utility model discloses a broken nail making mechanism for a multi-bottle automatic cartoning machine. It contains a base, pressure tongue, spring, pressure plate. The utility model is characterized in that a tubular knife is arranged in the oblique face of the base groove, a slider is arranged in the base groove, and a driving block is arranged on the slider plane. There are two upper and lower relative grooves above the slider, and there are pressure screw tongues in the groove. The drive block and the slider are moved through the cylinder to complete the broken wire, nail making and bookbinding operations. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, convenient and quick use, and manual operation replaced by mechanical automatic operation. Increased efficiency. Reduced costs. (Application No. 6)

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