Reluctant Poster Art--I'm Feeling Rich (I)

1. The beauty of harmony

Zhuangzi's “Theory of Everything” has a cloud of “Heaven and Earth are with me and everything is one with me.” This sentence emphasizes the harmony between the inner world and the heavens and the earth in order to achieve a high degree of harmonious beauty, that is, the artistic realm of “Heaven and Man together”. . The "combination of nature and humanity" is the sum of "Heaven and Heaven," "Man and Peace," and "Heart and Peace." I think that Mr. Qiang Qiang's poster work also emphasizes the harmonious relationship between "Heaven and Peace," "People and Peace," and "Heart and Peace," and gives it an aesthetic connotation that reaches a high level of artistic soul cultivation. Art realm.

“Heavenly Peace” means “combining with Heaven and Peace,” referring to people-to-people communication and harmony. Mr. Qi expressed in his “Communication” poster invitational exhibition “Communication” posters of designers from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau in different series of stones and shapes such as Shi Wei, Xiao Shi Shan, and Touchstone. The geographical features of the land and its homologue with the blood and affection of the same compatriots expressed Mr. Qiu’s promotion of the communication and exchanges between the four cultures and arts and serve the national “Heaven and Peace” spirit. While carrying out artistic creation, Mr. Qi is also committed to social and cultural exchanges and development, and pays attention to and promotes the development of the design and education of the motherland. He said: "The designer is part of the community and is part of the Earth. Therefore, My work is in favor of the crowd. I also often do my own design to care for society, care for the earth, and promote culture and art, regardless of interest."

"Heart and peace", the harmony of the soul, is the harmony and integration between heart and heart, heart and matter, heart and Tao. In the poster for the International Dance Academy Dance Festival (1989), Mr. Qi’s poster is also a figure of a butterfly dancer. Is Zhuang Zhou Mengdie or I dancing butterfly? This is actually the butterfly dancing in Mr. Qi’s heart, his own state of mind. The portrayal is a harmony between the mind and the art. The "free" series of pattern paper posters not only expresses the harmony between paper and human nature, but also shows the harmony between heart and mind, heart and nature. Sandals, rocks, fallen leaves, water lilies... fear is the care of the heart, and there is no restriction. Freedom and freedom are my heart in nature, or my heart's freedom, right or wrong. If the heart is moving and the air is invisible, it shows Mr. Qi’s spirit of self-cultivation.

Sanwa Shi is a "major harmony" created by his broad-mindedness. The harmonious beauty of Mr. Qi’s works is that Mr. Qi used the Chinese humanistic spirit to look at the universe and obtained “the joy and the beauty of the endless life of man and nature.” (Fang Shidong Mei’s “Chinese Philosophy of Life”) Its Ink and Color, Black With the blending and harmony of whiteness, envy and cleverness, reality and imaginaryness, the viewer is exposed to Mr. Yan’s artistic spirit and soul infiltration. "It is beautiful and enjoyable." (Zhuangzi "Tian Zifang").

2. Quietness

Lao Tzu, with quietness as the world, put forward the principle of “eliminating utmost vigilance and keeping silence”. Taoists also have the theory of “indifferent inaction and self-satisfaction”. It is necessary to overcome distractions, eliminate outside interference, and maintain a peaceful and peaceful state. Only in this way can we realize our wisdom and create an extraordinary wisdom that will free our hearts and freedom. The bleakness and tranquillity produced by Mr. Qiang's large number of posters are also in line with Taoism's supreme realm.

White is usually the background of Mr. Lou's poster, not only full of poetry, but also highlights the theme, filling a unique artistic charm. This is true in the large Yu Bai of the reluctant 1993 Taipei Design Lecture Poster. In terms of shape, Yu Bai is the ocean, and between stone and paper is the strait; in terms of meaning, Yu Bai is the space, the idea, the stone and the paper are the communication and the communication; and the series of posters is the blank. Creativity comes into play.

The main theme of Mr. Qi's poster creation is to use static and convex features to highlight the theme of Yu Bai. A large number of blanks give viewers a sense of quietness and etherealness, so as to highlight the dignity of the subject and produce a contrast and harmony. At the same time, Mr. Qiu "makes use of ink to chant" to make the subject "virtual and unyielding, moving and growing out" and gaining a sense of eye-catching. The "Hong Kong Artists of the Year Award" Poster (1991) is like this. The large pieces of white highlight the sturdiness of the test sword stone, and the use of squeezing techniques to break the stone, highlighting "Before success, the sword will be practiced.... The sharp visual effect of the sharpness of the appearance of the people.

Mr. Qiu’s poster “The Breakthrough” (1992), a poster designing teaching activities at the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts, was based on the potentiality of Yu Bai. New chapter. Quiet, not empty, "the white is full of gas flow, it is a kind of hidden power in heaven and earth." (Sugiura Kangping) There is reality in the virtual, moving in silence, doing nothing and everything. Mr. Gu's works are filled with the philosophical spirit of indifferentness and tranquility, and they are full of vitality.

(to be continued)

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