Screen printing process for rotating plastic containers

Rotary body plastic prints mainly refer to cups, bottles, cans, cans, and the like. They have cylinders, cones, ellipses, and other shapes. The printing position can be a frontal section or two front and back sides, and it may also be full-circumference.

Rotary plastic container screen printing to be carried out on the device. In the center of the stamp pad, there is a rotary support for the positioning of the prints. At the rear of the stand there is a conical plug head that matches the diameter of the container. The head is connected to the compressed air pump to inflate the flexible plastic container during printing, so that it has a force to resist the printing pressure. In the middle of the bracket, there is a set of support rollers that conform to the outer diameter of the container. The front end of the bracket has a chuck that matches the bottom of the container. The positioning pin on the chuck is matched with the positioning pin groove that is injected through the bottom of the container. When the printing plate is squeegeeed, the cone plug, the backup roller, and the chuck are used for the wire-speed transfer. After a plate is printed, the positioning pin of the chuck still returns to the positioning point.

Source: China Washing & Dyeing Industry Information Center

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