Senyuan Furniture Industrial Park invested 1 billion yuan to start production in Dalingshan next year

Lushan, Pingdi, with the official start of construction at the end of this month, in the second half of next year, an upgraded furniture industry park with an investment of 1 billion yuan will be launched and put into operation in the sandstone of Dalingshan Town. Investor Senyuan Co., Ltd. promised to the Dalingshan Town Government that the furniture industry park should be the “business card” of the Dalingshan Town Industrial Park.

As the city's “three-fold” project, the project has gone through the formalities from the end of last year to the previous construction, and all the “green card” provided by the Dalingshan Town Government has been “protected and driven” to facilitate the smooth progress of the project; the intangible “green card” provided by the town government For example, to help companies solve the problems of future employees' children's enrollment and other personal services, the company has saved the worries and peace of mind.

The entire project of Senyuan Furniture Industrial Park will be completed in 2017. At that time, not only the Shenzhen subsidiary and Dongguan branch of Senyuan will be moved to the park, but its administrative, R&D and sales headquarters will also be moved here to become the whole country. Central.

Tangible "green card"

Backed by the green hills, close to the green water - Tiger Rock Reservoir, surrounded by mountains, with thick roads in the middle, the future Senyuan Furniture Industrial Park is in it. In the view of Xiao Yuankang, the deputy general manager and the deputy general manager of Senyuan, this is a land of feng shui.

"Building this park, we found a lot of land, and finally took a look at it." Xiao Jiankang said that Senyuan is headquartered in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, and is a local listed reserve company. This industrial park has become a fundraising project. Senyuan has a subsidiary in Shenzhen. Due to the construction of rail transit in Shenzhen, the subsidiaries are facing demolition. “Listing plus demolition” became the “internal drive” driving force for Senyuan to accelerate the construction of Dalingshan Furniture Industrial Park.

The "outer drive" power obviously comes from the Dalingshan town government. Xiao Jiankang introduced that Senyuan has been established for 20 years and is a comprehensive service provider of five-star hotel furniture and hardcover luxury furniture in China. “Our business covers more than 600 five-star hotels in China, and we are part of Wanda Real Estate City Complex Hotel. Only do their presidential suites." As Xiao Jiankang said, Dalingshan is valued by the fact that Senyuan shares as a leading position in the Chinese hotel furniture industry and the high value-added of its high-end products.

The “business card” of the park will become the national headquarters of Senyuan.

At present, the land for the project has entered the flat stage, and the first phase of the project will be officially started at the end of this month, including the R&D building, No. 1 plant, and No. 3 dormitory.

"Our park is close to Houjie Town. In the future, we will see the factory from the thick street. The factory we saw at the first sight is our park. We have promised to Dalingshan Town that we should make this park a 'business card'." Xiao Jiankang said.

What kind of park will this be? The Senyuan Furniture Industrial Park covers an area of ​​160 mu and has a construction area of ​​more than 300,000 square meters. It consists of three parts: R&D building, production plant and staff living area. Among them, the R&D building has 13 floors, and the 1-3 storeys will be built with 10,000 square meters. It is currently the largest furniture showroom in China, and the 4-13 floors are R&D buildings. It will also be the highest-end information and intelligent R&D base in China. At the same time, a multi-functional classroom capable of accommodating 500 people will be built to train senior management and technical personnel in the home industry.

“In the future, our management and technical talents will be generated from 5,000 employees and will be delivered to our production bases all over the country.” Xiao Jiankang revealed that “machine substitution” is also the idea of ​​the company. Therefore, its 220,000 square meters plant Semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines will be arranged. The roof of the plant will be equipped with solar energy, and the heat of recovery will be transferred to the staff quarters to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.

Xiao Jiankang said that the living area will reflect the "people-oriented" concept, not only the staff quarters, but also the stadium, entertainment multi-purpose hall and kindergarten facilities. In the dormitory, two executive dormitory buildings were specially arranged for the main technical staff and managers to live in; there are also two family buildings, designed for suites between 60-70 square meters, which can accommodate 1,000 people. At the same time, a leisure greenway that covers the entire park and is 3.5 kilometers long will be built, and two plank roads will be built on the back slope of the park for employees to exercise and relax.

Xiao Jiankang revealed that the first phase of the project will be completed and put into production in the second half of next year. All projects will be completed in 2017. By then, not only the Shenzhen subsidiary and Dongguan branch will be moved to the park, but the administrative, R&D and sales headquarters of Senyuan will be all Moved here to become the national hub.

“After the project is completed and put into production, it is estimated that the annual output will reach 2 million pieces, the annual output value will be 1.5 billion yuan, and the annual tax revenue will be 150 million yuan.” Xiao Jiankang revealed.

Under the “two feelings of joy” between the enterprise and the government, the Senyuan Furniture Industrial Park passed the project at the end of last year and obtained the “green card” provided by the town government. The land, planning, construction, environmental protection, hydropower and other departments all the way. The green light, with full cooperation, makes the project advance rapidly. In the first five months of this year, the project has completed 7.5% of the total investment.

“The importance of the Dalingshan Town Government, the support, and the progress of the project construction have not been encountered in other places.” Xiao Jiankang told reporters.

Invisible "green card" for enterprises to solve worries

Enterprise investment stresses honesty, government investment service, in Xiao Jiankang's view, this is the basis for the relationship between Senyuan and Dalingshan Town from the original "hatchback" to the current "two loves" relationship.

"From the beginning of the project, the town's investment promotion office has a special person to connect with us. We only need to provide basic materials and complete the project within one week." Xiao Jiankang said that since the project negotiation, the town's investment promotion office has assisted the company in coordinating many departments. By the time the project landed, the business-to-business office that the company did not expect had helped them think about it.

“After our park is completed and put into production, there will be 5,000 employees. How can the children of the employees study? How to solve the degree? The park is separated from the town center, how can the children of the children go to school?” Xiao Jiankang said, these issues are the first The enterprise has thought that the problems of employees' children enrolling in school and opening buses have been solved. "They solved our worries. If the service 'green card' is a tangible 'green card', their personal service is an invisible 'green card'. ”

On the construction site, a staff member of Senyuan Co., Ltd. told reporters that in the first half of this year, the town secretary and the mayor took the person in charge of each relevant department several times to work at the site. At present, on the site of the project, there is another enterprise factory that has not passed the EIA. The town party committee secretary Zhan Wenguang twice called the person in charge of the company to urge him to move out as soon as possible.

Xiao Jiankang said that since the beginning of this year, the various functional departments related to major projects in the town have met every week to sort out the problems encountered in the enterprise projects and propose solutions. At the same time, the enterprises and these departments have to meet monthly to solve problems.

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