Beverage marketing nirvana: make beverage bottles become selling points (Figure)

Smooth transition to sustainable development

Since January 2008, all "Innocent" fruit juice drinks from Smoothie Beverage have used 100% bottles. To celebrate this landmark move, the “Innocent” logo will change colors and shapes, using a green cycle logo that consumers are familiar with. “We designed this special label because we want to make everyone aware of the value of using recycled bottles and encourage everyone to think about it: What can we do to reduce CO2 emissions?” Use of limited edition labels The packaged drinks are sold in stores since the last two weeks of February. This new type of bottle can be recycled and reused at any time. In addition, it uses less than 20% of the plastic used in the original packaging.

GATORADE celebrates the Giants online

For the first time, "GATORADE" exclusively sells a limited edition bottled beverage on its website and celebrates the newly crowned super football championship giant with a special product label. "To celebrate the outbreak of the New York Giants and consolidate its historical position in the NFL, we are proud to present our company's first ever edition of bottled beverages." Matt Knott, vice president of marketing for the brand said . Bottled drinks began selling shortly after the New York Giants won the championship.

A coke, laughter

Compared with the past, consumers pay more attention to reducing food waste (in terms of weight, but do not hesitate). The newly packaged Coca-Cola is conveniently packaged in the ever popular 330ml. If the consumer wants to enjoy this full can of carbonated beverage, he will tear off a security label on top and he will see a rotating plastic disc. The pressure in the can was released. After the drink was finished, the wafer was rotated back to its original position and the can was closed again. The upper part of the cola can has a circle of yellow markings, and the upper body of the cola is printed in lithographs to remind consumers that the cola package can be resealed and that the yellow mark below shows how to implement this feature.

A more mature rum brand

Kilo Kai is a spiced rum owned by Apostrophe and aimed at consumers who are eager to “mature” rum. For example, the brand uses a common logo (a pirate skull and two crossed bones) to reinterpret that it is a fashion brand that everyone can own. On the logo, the two "K" are designed as skeleton bones and teeth. The amber tone of the entire bottle gives a sense of luxury. The bottleneck label imitates the coarse sand texture of the skate sole, giving the consumer a tactile sensation, while the busy bartender holds the bottleneck as if holding a “memories”. Kilo Kai was listed in Illinois in November 2007 and plans to continue its march to more than a dozen other states in 2008.

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