Taking customers as the starting point, new types of beverage bottles win the market

Headquartered in PeachGlen, Pennsylvania, Knouse currently uses Graham Packaging's full line of custom hot fill plastic bottles, including 24-ounce, 48-ounce and 64-ounce models.

All three types of bottles have the features that are beneficial to consumers. Paul Bailie, vice president and business manager of the food packaging division of Graham Packaging, pointed out: “Knouse has basically adopted plastic products as its brand package to provide its customers with a lightweight, safe and convenient package that is easy to carry, store, and open. And cover it again."

Bob Fisher, vice president of marketing at Knouse, said the company’s supply of 24-ounce plastic bottles was based on the success of converting 48-ounce apple juice glass bottles into plastic bottles. In the first year of the launch of plastic bottles, sales of 48-ounce containers increased by double digits, and Knouse clearly increased this market share significantly.

Graham Packaging has introduced a new 24-ounce apple juice plastic bottle for the Musselman and Lucky Leaf brand products of Knouse Foods, one of the world's largest apple processors.

Fisher pointed out the many advantages offered by the plastic packaging: they are lighter in weight, easier to hold, easier to open, and loved by most consumers. Plastic packaging reduces the quality of equivalent glass bottles by 20% and the number of loads on a truck by 30%. In addition, plastic packages have a lower rate of storage damage because they are not easily broken and are easily stacked on the shelves.

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