Semiconductor articles for machine vision products

As early as more than two decades ago, the application of machine vision in the semiconductor industry has begun. Driven by the increasing popularity of large-scale integrated circuits in the semiconductor industry, the industry's demand for output and quality are increasing rapidly. On the premise of reducing the cost of productivity, machine vision technology plays an indispensable role, and the requirements for machine vision technology are constantly being updated. In this case, machine vision needs to gradually penetrate the semiconductor market, expand its share in its field, and firmly grasp this nugget industry.
The following briefly introduces several applications of machine vision products in the semiconductor industry:
1. Application in the appearance inspection of small electronic components and small-sized industrial products, the appearance inspection of SMD products, and the appearance inspection of silicon wafers. Detection content includes printing errors, content errors, image errors, direction errors, missed prints, and surface defects. After high-speed and automatic photographing of the surface of the measured object, the data is transmitted to the computer for processing to find defective products
2. Application in the flatness detection of IC chips and electronic connectors. The number of pins and the geometric dimensions of multiple positions of the pins are detected, including pitch interval, width, height, curvature and so on.
3. Detection and measurement of PCB board component position, solder joints, lines, hole size, angle; computer micro-communication interface, SIM card slot; number of cable connectors, etc.
In recent years, changes in the global semiconductor industry have provided opportunities for machine vision to enter the semiconductor and electronics markets. The applications involved include inspection and measurement of all aspects of semiconductor appearance defects, size, quantity, flatness, spacing, positioning, calibration, solder joint quality, and curvature. Throughout the entire market, companies focused on the production of machine vision products have shown a thriving scene. Machine vision products produced by Shaanxi Vision Digital Image Technology Co., Ltd. have a large application market in the semiconductor field. They rely on professional technical teams. The developed products have cooperated with many well-known universities, well-known enterprises and scientific research institutions, and have a leading level in visual inspection, measurement, image recognition, visual positioning, etc.
With the strict requirements of the semiconductor industry to improve its production efficiency and ensure production quality such as zero defective rate, it has promoted the continuous development and growth of machine vision technology. Machine vision itself has also continued to develop and improve with the rapid development of semiconductors, electronics, automation, optics and other technologies.

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