Digital printing will surely become a new development platform for the printing industry in the future

Today, the rapid progress of technology has made the development of many industries into the fast lane. The product update frequency is higher and higher, the research and development cycle is shorter and shorter, and the market competition is more and more fierce. While technology brings change and opportunity, it also brings crisis and test. This is the common market environment faced by all industries in the 21st century.

The Internet era has affected the digital printing industry and will bring an imperative change to the printing industry. The transformation of Internet technology and industry thinking is opening up a new battlefield for the publishing and printing industry. The in-depth integration of the Internet technology and the information industry has placed higher demands on the publishing and printing industry. The digital printing industry has inherent advantages in the organic integration with the Internet. This is not only a technical combination, but also a fusion of business and business models. Under this background, seize the opportunities of the times, the digital printing industry will surely become a new development platform for the printing industry in the future.

Pioneering high-end printing

Diversity and personal development

At present, China's digital printing industry is dominated by small- and medium-format low-end printing needs. The advantages of digital printing in terms of rapid design and on-demand printing are rapidly occupying a part of the mid-to-high-end market. With the development of the Internet and information technology, paper books and physical bookstores have been hit. At present, the primary problem facing China's digital printing industry is how to further expand the high-end market. In addition to the market environment, the current technological development status of the digital printing industry is also different from previous printing industry changes. Digital printing has many advantages that are not available in traditional printing, such as fast and flexible, not limited by batches, strong artistic expression ability, convenient editing and proofreading, which determines that today's digital printing industry is bound to diversify and personalize.

In the future development, the needs of customers will gradually occupy the dominant position, which determines that we must fully understand customer needs and market changes, collect as much business information as possible, and our technological innovation must be oriented to market demand. The demand for printed matter in modern society has been characterized by diversification, personalization, and flexibility in batches. These coincide with the advantages of digital printing technology. This is an important opportunity for the industry, and it also puts forward the technical level and innovation ability. challenge. This is of great significance for us to change the domestic market structure, expand business, and develop the industry in depth.

Committed to printing on demand

User experience is valued

Internet technology will continue to develop, and further integration of on-demand printing technology with the traditional publishing industry has become an inevitable trend. On-demand printing has the characteristics of both traditional publishing and electronic publishing. For the publishing industry and consumers in transition, on-demand printing is easier to be accepted than e-books, and it is also completely electronic for traditional printing companies. Transformation provides a buffer period. Therefore, for a long period of time in the future, on-demand printing will exist as part of diversified publishing and information services.

At present, domestic publishing houses and printing houses are paying attention to the impact of digital printing technology on the publication and printing of books and periodicals. As China's book inventory is high, publishing and printing on demand will also be the only way for publishing houses in the future. The user experience will exceed the original product quality and cycle requirements. A fast, convenient, efficient and comfortable user experience will become an important service goal for future digital printing.

Transformation service enterprise

Further enhance the added value of products

Regardless of magazines, commercial printing, or packaging, QR codes, RFID, consumers have more ways to interact with printed materials. At the same time, there are also many digital products that seamlessly connect with digital communications. Printing companies are realizing the threat of digitalization to printing. Increasing the added value of printed products is an important development direction.

Traditional enterprises should not only stay in the printing and processing of products, but should be close to customers, provide value-added services in the market, establish a new image, change the traditional model, and focus on solutions and services. Printing companies should be connected with high value-added companies, rather than simply selling printed products.

Build an interactive platform

Extend your tentacles to a broad market

The development of the use of the Internet and information technology may also build an interactive platform within the industry, between the public and other industries. Through the network, the company's technological innovations, new products or industry trends can be disseminated to the public. At the same time, the company can receive feedback from the public to form guidance on technology development and product design, and even allow customers to participate in In the product design, this can allow enterprises to take less detours, save costs, and enhance market competitiveness. At the same time, digital printing products can also tap the media attributes of the products, allow users to participate in the design of the final product, and introduce the concepts of interaction, on-demand and communication into the business model of the digital printing industry.

In the past, partners in the printing industry were mainly limited to a few industries such as publishing and media. With the rapid development of science and technology, people's needs are becoming more diversified. Through digital technology and Internet technology, we are able to maintain close contact and mutual attention with different industries at all times. The tentacles of marketing can be extended to every possible corner to maximize the potential market resources.

Use network thinking

Enterprises should strengthen rational thinking

Take the Artron Cultural Group as an example. As the world's largest comprehensive Chinese art service platform, has accumulated rich digital information about artworks and created a database of Chinese artworks. Artron Art Network can accurately and timely present a large amount of artwork information to the public, which is undoubtedly of great significance to corporate publicity and artwork promotion. The massive art data resources have also laid a solid foundation for expanding more application interfaces.

It should be particularly pointed out that any enterprise in the Internet era must have a strong back-end support, and only change products and services and traditional interfaces. In the Internet era, in addition to the more convenient channel model and the mode of communication with consumers, if you take Internet marketing as the core marketing model, you also have to put a lot of effort into it. The Internet and Internet thinking have created many eye-catching myths, often because they did the right thing at the right time. As Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi Technology, said, standing on the tuyere, the pig will fly. However, not every enterprise can find the tuyere, and even if the tuyere is found, after flying, there is no guarantee that it will not fall. For business innovation, sometimes we still need more rational thinking.

Digitization brings new hope to printing. We have reason to believe that the combination of digital printing and Internet technology will undoubtedly be the general trend, which will definitely open a new round of major changes in the printing industry.

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