DNPH small column for air detection

Supelco (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou) is the most complete supplier of DNPH cartridges, and can provide multiple varieties. The filler is high-purity silicon coated with 2,4-DNPH. The following products are applicable to NIOSH2016, ASTM D5197, US EPA 100, IP-6A, TO-11A methods.

Knife blocks are typically made from wood, but with modern designs, a handful of materials are available.

Plastic knife blocks may use slots or universal designs. While these are affordable, they are not the most durable.

Stainless steel knife blocks are sleek and classy and somewhat more durable than plastic models. They tend to be easier to clean than wood blocks, because steel does not absorb water. However, in some cases, the slots may be plastic or steel - plastic is susceptible to wear, and steel may damage your blades.

Wooden knife blocks may be made from bamboo or other less expensive woods. If you`re hoping for an environmentally friendly design, take note of whether a block is fully bamboo or simply has bamboo veneers and a wood core.

Knife Block & Storage

Knife Storage Block, Universal Knife Block With Slots, Knife Block Storage Holder

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