Double chamber feeding bottle

【Patent name】 Double cavity bottle 【Applicant】 Wang Xinlan 【 Inventor 】 Wang Xinlan; Li Fengyu; Xu Yingchun 【Main applicant address】 272400 People's Hospital of Jiaxiang County, Shandong Province [Application Number] 200520081451.9
【 Application Date 】 2005.02.01
[Examination and announcement number] 2764393
【 Validation announcement date 】 2006.03.15
[Main classification number] A61J9/00(2006.01)I
[Category] A61J9/00(2006.01)I
【Sovereignty Items】 1.Double-chamber bottle, characterized in that there is a bottle cavity (2) and a water bottle cavity (1) in the bottle body (3), and the bottle mouth of the bottle body (3) is screwed on the bottle cap (4 A nipple (7) is provided on the bottle cap (4), and an open half cap (5) and a closed half cap (6) are provided in the cap (4).
[Instructions CD-ROM] D0611-2
【 Abstract 】 Double-cavity bottle, belongs to the field of infant feeding appliance technology. At present, the feeding bottle for babies and infants can only contain milk, water, or beverages alone. When infants and young children need to drink these liquids, they need to put them in a separate bottle at a time, and the operations are time-consuming and laborious, which increases the workload of medical staff or parents. The technical scheme of the utility model is as follows: inside the bottle body 3, there are a milk bottle cavity 2 and a water bottle cavity 1; the bottle mouth of the bottle body 3 is screwed on the bottle cap 4, and the nipple 7 is set on the bottle cap 4, and the bottle cap 4 is set inside. There is an open half cover 5 and a closed half cover 6 . Its advantage is that the bottle is a two-cavity structure, and milk, water or beverage are poured into the two chambers respectively. When the infant chooses to drink one of the liquids, only the bottle cap is rotated to align the open half caps. This kind of liquid can be used for drinking. It is easy to operate, saves time and effort, and reduces the workload of medical staff or parents.
【 Agency 】 Jinan Luke Patent Agency Co., Ltd. [Proxy] Zhao Lihua

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