Semi-automatic wrapping machine costs less than 9,000 pounds

Burnley introduced its latest two-fold pleating wrapper, the Burnley Wega FK-6, a low-cost, semi-automated machine aimed at end users who cannot afford fully automated machines or do not need high-volume production.

FK-6 has a very compact structure and is hand-fed. The outer packaging produced is suitable for products with a relatively small thickness such as CD and VCD. Other applications include medicine, confectionery, and cosmetics. Package sizes range from 50*50*50 mm to 230*200*70 mm.

The FK-6 has a speed of 500-600 packs per minute, which of course cannot be compared to 4000-5000 packs for a fully automatic machine, but its price is only 9,000 pounds, which opens a pleated wrap for a wider range of end users. The door.

Source: Global Flexible Packaging

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