Master the four-step skills that make everyday makeup more glamorous

Don't think that make-up is a costly and laborious job. In fact, mastering the makeup skills, drawing a fresh and simple work daily makeup before going to work every day, for yourself, can also improve confidence. Now teach you how to create a glamorous everyday look with simple cosmetics.

Step1: Brightening makeup

Before applying the foundation, use the base to make a base, which will make the foundation more uniform afterwards. By hand rubbing the cheeks on the cheeks and the dull T-zone that are easy to red blood, you can make the makeup look clearer and help you to create a smooth, delicate skin like porcelain.

Step2: Slim blush

Sweeping the rouge on the cheeks, the moist and delicate powder can give the cheeks a natural layering and create a refined impression. At the same time, sweeping the light-colored part in the depression of the cheek can increase the texture of the skin and alleviate the stiff feeling caused by the excessively high tibia.

Step3: natural beauty lips

Clear makeup, need healthy red lips to highlight the ruddy color. Choose a lip that is similar to the blush color but slightly darker and gently apply to the lips. If your lips are not perfect, you can use a lip liner to outline the contours, or to be capable, or flattering, as you wish. Apply lipstick and then use the lip brush to blur the edges of the two to make the makeup look more natural.

Step4: Clear makeup

After finishing the makeup, pat the face with loose powder, not only can make the makeup last longer, the pearlescent effect of the loose powder can soften the overall makeup, creating a transparent feeling like the glow from the inside of the skin, and creating no dull, even and rosy Apply makeup.

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