Waste Bottle Blowing Plastic Bottle Screen Printing Solution

Following the market's increasing demand for personalized packaging, silk screen printing has been widely used in plastic bottles. Today, we are always concerned about the problems that people often encounter during the printing process of plastic bottles. We look forward to seeing more support from everyone!

Question: I use Wahaha waste (AD calcium bottle waste) to blow the bottle and print it with a pneumatic curved screen printer. If you want to make it fade, do you need to use a flame processor? Are there any other measures?

A method: It is not necessary to use the flame disposal method. The flame treatment method is not insured, the cost is relatively large, and the efficiency is relatively low. The corona treatment or the plasma processor can be used for the treatment, resulting in better results, higher efficacy, and clean energy-saving.

B method: no - set, see what data you bottle is detailed, PP, PE, PET ... ...? Also depends on what ink you use?

Individually, PP/PE plastic bottles are best treated in the name of flame before silk screen printing, so that the surface of the plastic bottles can be improved and the adhesion of ink can be enhanced. Tianjin Exhibition Design; see the effect after treatment, the treated bottles can be placed in water and processed. It is a good idea that the attached water is very smooth, and there is no lubricating water droplets in the untreated place. Adjust the optimal processing operation according to this principle.

In addition, there are a number of special inks that can be printed directly without prior flame treatment. As far as I know, DiGao and Marlboro have such series.

C method: You can also wipe the PP water to solve, but the high cost - point.

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