Six Tips When Buying a Bag Packaging Machine

    1, first make sure that he will buy the bag automatic packaging machines for which some of the products to be packaged. Some packaging machinery manufacturers have many types of products. When purchasing a packaging machine, it is hoped that one device can package all its own varieties. In fact, special machines are better than compatible machines. It is best not to use more than 3-5 varieties for a bag packaging machine . Also, products with a large difference in outside dimensions are packed as far as possible.

      2 , cost-effective is the first principle. At present , the quality of bag-type packaging machines produced in China has been greatly improved over the past, so the quality of imported machines can be purchased with the price of domestic machines.

     3 , as far as possible to buy a simple operation and maintenance, complete accessories, automatic continuous feeding mechanism, which can improve the packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs, suitable for the long-term development of the company.


      4 , as long as possible to choose a long-established brand-name packaging machine companies, quality guaranteed. Select mature technology, stable quality models, so that the entire bag automatic packaging machines for faster and more stable, low energy consumption, low handmade, low rejection rate. The packaging machine is a machine that consumes energy. If a low-quality machine is purchased, the packaging film that is wasted in the daily production in the future will not be a small number, especially the increase in packaging materials.

     5 , in the after-sales service, "in the circle" should have a good reputation. After-sales service is timely and on call, especially for food processing companies.

     6. If there is an on-site inspection, it is necessary to pay attention to large areas, and pay more attention to small details. The details often determine the quality of the whole machine. As far as possible with a sample test machine.

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