How to prevent skin diseases caused by cosmetics

1 the proper use of cosmetics by less error-prone season classification

Cosmetics should be selected according to their skin type and season. For dry skin, use moisturizing oil moisturizing cosmetics, oily skin should use powdery oil-less cosmetics, dry season should use cold cream, moisturizer and less or no cream, honey (milk) can be used in all seasons. Under normal circumstances, it is not advisable to apply makeup and remove facial makeup before going to sleep at night.

2 In order to reduce the occurrence of adverse reactions, skin patch test can be done before use.

If erythema, pimples, leeches, etc. occur, the cosmetic should be discontinued. If there is no reaction, the cosmetic is safe. Some developed countries have already published the ingredients for the publication of cosmetics as regulations, and China's cosmetics formula is often not disclosed, causing consumers to blindly choose, skin sensitive people can not avoid contact with allergens. In this case, the patch test before the application of cosmetics is particularly important.

3The cosmetics will be thrown away immediately after they expire, don't continue to use because of distress

Use qualified cosmetics. Cosmetics that do not expire or are contaminated with microorganisms. Some cosmetics can be placed in the refrigerator if they are not used in summer. Whether the cosmetics have been contaminated, in addition to direct microscopic examination or culture of bacteria or fungi, if there are bubbles, odor, color change, mildew or mildew, thinning or effluent in the cosmetics, the cosmetics may be contaminated and should not be applied. . Hair dyes are more sensitized, you can take a small amount of allergy test to determine if it can be used.

4 cosmetics brands do not change too hard

Try to apply several kinds of cosmetics at different times, and choose cosmetics with 1 to 2 kinds of mouth plates suitable for your facial skin. It should not be easily replaced in the future.

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