Six-color printing process makes milk bottles bloom

Darigold is a dairy farm in Seattle and is run by a farmer whose dairy products are sold in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Darigold's latest milk is available in two flavors and two models, packaged in corrugated bottles, and a cap over the milk bottle for easy pouring of milk. The French vanilla and hazelnut flavours are very attractive on the dairy shelf. The heat-shrinkable sleeve on PETG-packed milk bottles is provided by Printpack. To attract consumers to purchase the product, gravure and six-color printing processes are used to print the sleeve. Darigold's marketing director States Randy Eronimous said, "The overall appearance is attractive with shelves, and we believe our sales can also grow."

The characteristics of the authentic AffiniaTM PETG film enable the sleeve to be tightly wrapped around the outline of the milk bottle, so that the information can be covered on the milk bottle neck and the entire milk bottle. The gloss of the film improves the visual impact of the graphics on the 360 ​​degree label. The graphic includes a raw material composition, bar code, promotional information, and nutritional content.

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