Zijiang's expansion of production capacity will change the market structure of Northwest Packaging Bottles

Zijiang Enterprise issued an announcement on December 22 stating that its holding subsidiary Ziquan Beverage planned to invest 194.67 million yuan in advance to build an aseptic filling production line to produce milk beverages and coffee beverages. In addition, the company plans to establish Lanzhou Ziquan Beverage to invest in a hot-filling production line to produce hot-filled beverages such as juices and teas in various PET bottles. Zijiang enterprises are optimistic about the domestic future consumption potential and are actively expanding their production capacity; the newly established Lanzhou Ziquan is mainly the need for the company to enter the northwest market.

The company's expansion of production capacity is mainly optimistic about the domestic future consumption potential. With the improvement of living standards, demand for canned dairy products and coffee and consumer groups will increase rapidly, and will continue to increase the company's product PET bottles. The newly established Lanzhou Ziquan is mainly the need for the company to enter the northwest market.

According to the disclosure, after the completion of the Ziquan Project, it is estimated that an annual sales income of 100 million yuan will be realized, and the profit after tax will be 11.06 million yuan. The project investment recovery period is 6.6 years, which can drive sales of the entire listed company in the form of preforms, bottle caps, and labels. Up to 80 million yuan. Because Lanzhou is an important transportation hub in the provincial capital of Gansu Province and the northwest region, it can radiate in areas such as eastern Qinghai, Ningxia and southwest of Inner Mongolia, and it is also a traffic artery linking the Xinjiang region, covering a large area. Lanzhou Ziquan Investment's hot-filling production line is expected to be completed in 2013. After reaching the standard, it will produce 110 million bottles (PET 500ml) annually, with an annual sales income of 90 million yuan, and an average investment recovery period of 6.9 years, which will drive the entire listed company. Sales of preforms, caps, and labels reached 60 million yuan.

The company's main production and sales of various PET bottles and preforms, caps, labels, aluminum spray paper and cardboard, BOPET film and other packaging materials, is currently the largest domestic, most complete product range of packaging materials manufacturing companies. As a fast-moving consumer goods manufacturing company, the company will benefit from the continuous improvement of the people's living standards and the business will continue to grow slowly. Since the year of 2004, the compound annual growth rate of the beverage industry has been between 15% and 20%, which is higher than the GDP growth rate over the same period. The PET bottles produced by the company are the upstream products of the beverage industry and have signed long-term partnerships with large beverage manufacturers.

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