Transparent PP film develops high transparent label market

The US label giant has introduced a versatile high-gloss white PP label film that can be used in multiple film label markets, including food and health and beauty products, as well as lubricants and household cleaning products. It is said to be a general-purpose high-gloss white PP film for the label market. The PP Light Top White is a biaxially stretch blown high-gloss polypropylene film coated with a direct-printable coating, plus a thinner film material. Make it more competitive price.

PP Light Top White film, which is only 51 microns thick, offers many benefits to processors and end users. Its dimensional stability ensures good quality under all normal printing process conditions. Other aspects of machine performance include accurate overprinting and stable die-cut quality, opacity greater than 80%, equivalent to a film thickness of 60 microns.

The length is 50% more than the 60 micron thick PP coil, the standard roll length is 3000 meters, and the coil diameter is only increased by 17%. This has the benefit of reducing material replacement times and printing downtime. Thinner films also save extra cost, and each roll of material can process more labels while reducing weight, whether it's the weight of the container (to help reduce packaging waste) or the shipping weight.

The two-way stretch of Fasson PPLightTopWhite and the Fasson BG40 white glassine paper also ensure accurate labeling performance. PPLightTopWhite uses a general-purpose Fasson S692N acrylic adhesive that meets European food regulations and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 175.105 standard and is recommended by the German Risk Assessment Agency (BFR) for drying. And direct contact with moist non-fat foods.

It is believed that the high transparent PP film will inevitably become the leading material in the future label market with its advantages and characteristics.

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