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With the change of people's consumption concept, wooden floors are becoming more and more popular; solid wood floors are made of pure solid wood materials, which are formed by a series of processing techniques with stable performance. This material comes entirely from nature, giving consumers a fresh, natural feeling. Solid wood flooring has natural advantages. It is warm in winter and refreshing in summer. It is really the best choice for decorating the ground. How many brands are on the solid wood flooring brand list? After reading this article, friends who want to know the latest solid wood flooring list will understand what is the best solid wood flooring.

From the perspective of environmental protection, wooden floors can achieve better results. What is the ranking of the latest solid wood floor rankings in 2015? Take a look below.

Top ten brands of solid wood flooring

2015 wood flooring top ten brand ranking two: peace of mind

Anxin is one of the top 500 Chinese brands, an iconic brand in the industry, and an enterprise dedicated to floor production. The degree of specialization is very high. The products produced are not only of good quality and practicality, but also occupy a certain advantage in price. Has been the healthiest and most environmentally friendly flooring brand in consumers' minds.

2015 wood flooring top ten brand ranking: nature

Nature is China's famous brand, China's 500 most valuable brands, and has a high reputation in the industry. After years of development, Nature has occupied a very important position in the industry. Nature has now become the drafting of national standards for the flooring industry One of the units.

2015 wood flooring top ten brand ranking three: icon

Shengxiang is a Chinese environmental label certification brand and a safe and environmentally friendly brand. In the market, Shengxiang flooring is a household name, and its products are well sold, and it is favored by consumers.

2015 wood floor top ten brand ranking four: Yangtze floor

Anhui Yangzi Flooring Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. In the flooring industry, Yangzi Flooring Company has advanced production equipment and production technology. Through unremitting efforts, Yangzi Flooring has occupied a large market share.

2015 wood flooring top ten brand ranking fifth: Kendia

Kendia is China's most valuable 500 brand. The company is located in Jiangsu. Kendia has a high reputation in the market and is favored by the market and supported by consumers. It has now grown into a well-known trademark in China, a Chinese famous brand, and an environmental symbol. Certified products.

Ranked six of the top ten wooden floor brands in 2015: Gloria Gloria

Gloria is China's export inspection-free product, one of the country's 500 most valuable brands. Gloria products occupy a large market, not only creating a world in the domestic market, in the international market, Gloria still has strong market competition force.

2015 wood flooring top ten brand ranking seventh: Lin Zhongying

The "Linzhongying" art floor jointly created by Nature House and Timbally will bring you a natural environment, a quality life with unique artistic beauty. Persevering like an eagle, Lin Zhongying wants to tell every tough life, the most beautiful life is not without setbacks and storms, but after the hardships, it can still be as firm and pure as ever. Light of life.

Eighth ranking of the top ten wooden flooring brands in 2015: Der Der

Del International Flooring Co., Ltd. is a Chinese environmental label product, a leading professional wooden flooring manufacturer, specializing in the production of various types of wooden flooring. Del has a large reputation in the market, and has now become a well-known trademark in China and a famous brand in China.

2015 wood flooring top ten brand ranking nine: good good

Haojia Flooring has passed the certification of China Environmental Labeling Products and is a professional manufacturer of laminate flooring. Haojia pays great attention to product R & D and design. Especially in terms of appearance and vision, Haojia spent a lot of effort.

2015 wood flooring top ten brand ranking ten: Fillinger

Fillinger is a big brand. It was founded in Germany in 1921 and passed the certification of China's environmental label products. It is a brand of Shanghai Fillinger Wood Co., Ltd. Fillinger has great market competitiveness.

Editor's summary: The above is the relevant information about the latest solid wood flooring ranking list, for reference only, I hope to help everyone. For more related knowledge, you can follow the information on this website.

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Top ten brands of solid wood flooring

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