Guangzhou International Furniture Fair Civil Furniture Exhibition is about to open

More than 4,500 exhibitors from home and abroad in 32 countries and regions and nearly 200,000 professional visitors from more than 190 countries and regions attended the conference.

On March 18-22, the first exhibition of CIFF Guangzhou Furniture Fair (short for “China [Guangzhou] International Furniture Fair and China [Shanghai] International Furniture Fair”) will be held at Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center.

Extend from indoor home to outdoor home

The year is in spring, and the annual Spring Furniture Fair in Guangzhou has always guided the trend of furniture consumption in this year. According to the organizer, this year's civil furniture exhibition has a scale of 340,000 square meters. The exhibition covers civil furniture, home accessories, home textile fabrics, outdoor home and leisure products, which reflects the extension of the concept from indoor home to outdoor leisure life. The single furniture product display evolved into the home soft decoration supporting furniture, jewelry and home textile integration, and built the largest and highest grade classical furniture exhibition area and the only outdoor leisure life experience platform in China based on the existing scale, further optimizing the international Brand pavilions, design pavilions, soft-packed living halls and custom-made furniture, children's and adolescents and other special exhibition areas, the exhibitors source more international, product design is more diversified, communication experience is more fun.

The scale of the annual exhibition is unprecedented, and the big names have joined

According to reports, the 2015 CIFF Furniture Exhibition (three issues) will reach a record of nearly 1.1 million square meters, with more than 4,500 domestic and foreign brand exhibitors from 32 countries and regions and more than 190 countries from all over the world. Nearly 200,000 professional visitors with commercial value gathered in the area to gather together to realize the world dream of furniture people.

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