Thai stars are robbing the doll behind a bit of horror

Even in the biggest dream of our brains, we will never consider the collection of dolls similar to Chucky (the horror doll in "Ghost Bride") as a hobby. But in Thailand, the collection of such dolls has become a trend. The name of this doll is called "Child's Angel" or "LookThep" (meaning "son of God" in Thai), which is the size of a newborn baby. Some Thai stars and aunts are obsessed with and touted as if they were Hermes Platinum bags.

This doll is seen as a symbol of luck, it can bring good luck to the owner, a good future, and protect the owner from all kinds of injuries. The price of a "son of God" is about 2,000 to 20,000 baht (about RMB 365 to 3,650). After the purchase, the owner of the doll will hold a special ceremony for it, and let the "angel" attach to it. According to CarbonatedTV, the Thai believe that through this ritual, the soul of the dead child can be attached to the doll and continue to live.

It is believed that the Thai people's superstition of dolls is derived from Kuman Thong. The believers of the Kuman elves worship the babies in the abdomen, and they believe that the soul of the dead baby can let them get what they want.
Thai radio host Bookkoh Thannatchayapan publicly published his "miracle" brought to him by his "son of God". He called his doll "My Son, Wansai". "I bought him on the first day and I took him to the baby store to buy clothes." He said, "I just paid the money, I got a call for reinstatement!"

Thannatchayapan is convinced of Wansai's "power" and even brings Wansai when he takes a family portrait.
Those who collect these "children of the gods" will treat them as real children - feed them and talk to them. And this phenomenon is becoming more and more common, and some speculative Thai restaurants even offer special children's packages for these dolls.

Recently, Thai Airways' low-cost airline, Thai Smile Air, even announced that people with such dolls can buy a seat for their dolls. This means that the “Child of God” dolls also have the right to fly and enjoy children's services. However, such a doll cannot sit in an emergency exit seat and a window seat. Smile Aviation CEO Woranetti Lahprabang told ThaiPBS that the decision to provide seats for the Son of God doll was due to the fact that those passengers travelling with dolls were dissatisfied with being asked to place the doll under the luggage rack or seat when boarding. He said that in the past three months, more than 40 "children of the gods" dolls have been taken on the plane, and this number is still rising. According to local media reports, Chula Sukmanop, the director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, has convened all airlines and airport operators registered in Thailand to discuss the relevant standard procedures for passengers carrying “God Son” dolls. “Without a standard, passengers carrying “God Son” boarding can cause problems or accidents that can affect flight safety. This may also affect ICAO’s efforts to address dangerous signals and major safety issues.” Jura said.
Finally, I hope you have a good dream tonight after reading this article.
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