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[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the improvement of living standards, many people began to pay attention to their quality of life. After buying a house, how to choose furniture for children has become a topic for parents to discuss. Let's talk about what furniture is most needed for children? Health, safety, fun? In fact, as long as you master the characteristics of children's life, it is not difficult to choose children's furniture.

A color

The color of the children's room should be colorful, lively and fresh, simple and bright, with a fairy tale mood. It is best to choose the direction of brightness, relaxation and pleasure. The color can be more contrasting. The color of the furniture can be selected according to the color that children prefer: yellow is elegant and tender; pink is lovely and plain; green is healthy and lively; blue is quiet, fairytale is thicker; green and white matching children's cabinet is fresh and bright. Bright and bright colors not only keep children active and positive, but also improve the indoor brightness, creating a clear and intimate indoor environment in which children can feel safe and belonging.

Bedroom Furniture

Children's room decoration renderings

B modeling

The shape of the furniture has a certain corrective effect on the child's character. Tests have shown that children with weak personality and too introverted should choose furniture with a slightly rough shape, sharp edges and strong contrasting colors. For children whose character is too violent, the use of soft lines and light-colored furniture can help shape A healthy mindset. Therefore, the choice of styling should consider its influence on personality in addition to preference.

Children's furniture

Children's room decoration renderings

C space

The furniture in the children's room should be small and refined, giving the child plenty of room for activities. Children's furniture generally refers to beds, writing desks, cabinets, chairs, and the like. At present, there are many combinations of beds and writing desks in the market. The upper part is a bed, the lower part is a writing desk, and the end of the bed is provided with a small escalator, which is very ingenious. At the same time, we should also consider the characteristics that children like to change. Furniture may choose to be easy to move and combine, so that they can re-adjust the space at any time, which helps to expand the space that children can imagine.

Children's room decoration renderings

Children's room decoration renderings

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