What is the rotating wardrobe closet installation considerations

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] With the advent of the dwelling era, when the rotating wardrobe as a new type of furniture, it has attracted people's attention. What is a rotating wardrobe? What are the precautions for rotating the wardrobe during the installation? Next, let's take a look at the introduction of the rotating wardrobe with the Chinese wardrobe net.

Rotating wardrobe size

The size of the rotating closet is generally tailored to the size of the home environment, and of course the size is also available on the market. The rotating wardrobe has different specifications such as mini, medium and large, which can meet different space lengths. Whether it is a new wardrobe or an old wardrobe, it is extremely convenient to install. Every model, brand of rotating wardrobe is not the same.

Rotating wardrobe design

Rotating Wardrobe Installation Precautions

1, the installation of the wardrobe needs to pay attention to the size

Before installing the wardrobe, we must let the designer go to the door, be sure to communicate well with the customer, the position of the wardrobe, the size, the internal structure, and the effect of the installation. If the customer's home renovation is not completed, the customer and the decoration supervisor should also agree on some unfinished renovation projects that may affect the placement and installation of the wardrobe. For example: power switch, socket position, air conditioning installation position, whether there is plaster line, foot line, thickness of floor laying, site installation location is not enough (or standing installation) and so on.

2, install the wardrobe need to pay attention to safety

safety. Health and safety are vital to people. The beauty and beauty of the wardrobe is mainly on the sliding door, and many beautiful sliding door materials are made of art glass, which has a safety problem. Do not make the glass door too high, one is safe, and the other is easy to install.

3, pay attention to Feng Shui when installing the wardrobe

Light-colored wardrobes bring bright space and bright living space to bring a good mood to the owners. The choice and layout of the bedroom closet can be based on the orientation of the bedroom. If the bedroom door and window are facing north, the lighting and ventilation are poor, it is best to use a light-colored wardrobe. The closet should be placed in the dark corner of the corner as much as possible, not placed next to the window or the bedroom door.

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