Quanzhou debuts at ISPO BEIJING 2016

Quanzhou unveiled the ISPO BEIJING 2016 local outdoor section has begun to take shape Date:2016-02-26 14:27

Yesterday, the opening ceremony of the 12th Asian Sporting Goods and Fashion Exhibition of ISPO BEIJING 2016 and the 8th China International Mountain and Winter Sports Machinery and Equipment Expo of ALPITEC CHINA 2016 was held at the National Convention Center. The ISPO 2016 Beijing exhibition brought together 490 exhibitors with more than 700 participating brands to showcase the latest products and technologies from various fields including winter sports, outdoor sports, extreme sports, sports fashion and functional surface materials. The total exhibition area exceeds 40,000 square meters. Meter. Among them, Lions outdoor, Quanzhou outdoor products such as CAMKIDS are stunningly debuted and compete with numerous domestic and foreign brands.

It is reported that ISPO BEIJING is one of the most important professional trade fairs in the sports fashion industry in the Asia Pacific region. In recent years, this exhibition has become an important stage for Quanzhou outdoor sports brand to demonstrate its comprehensive strength.

For the third time in a row at the Asia Outdoor Exhibition, CAMKIDS chose to officially launch the Chinese name 垦 牧 in this exhibition. According to reports, CAMKIDS has joined forces with Marvel in the United States and has launched a strong Chinese language animal husbandry. It is a carrier of Marvel Heroes, which is loved by children. CAMKIDS, the animal husbandry, will marvelously integrate Marvel's image, making the super heroes of the pavilion and the atmosphere of childhood fun to create a perfect complement, as if you are in a new world of fun and technology children's world.

The exterior wall of the pavilion uses the big movie "Avenger's Alliance" to present Marvel's heroes. At the same time, the CAMKIDS brand's history from its inception in 2009 is subtly interpreted. From Camel to CAMKID CAMKIDS grazing all the way up.

Through this exhibition, the brand will make a sound on the professional stage, and it will have a good effect on promotion. Many customers will take the initiative to contact the exhibition. More importantly, through such an opportunity, it is possible to communicate well and connect with some companies in the industry and related industries in order to achieve resource integration. Therefore, exhibitors are still valuable. General Manager of Jinjiang Mingwei Shoes Co., Ltd. Hong Qinming said.

Coincidentally, the Lions brand has taken the opportunity to take a good look at the running shoes. This is a pair of running shoes with heel material, coupled with flying woven uppers. It is a healthy running shoe that integrates artistic, creative, functional, comfortable and scientific technology. After more than a year of research and development, Only finally released, R&D personnel need to integrate the three processes of shoes, clothing, and bras and the latest technology. It is very difficult. It is also the pinnacle of shoes I have made in more than 10 years, and it is also my personal satisfaction. At present, the company has the most Science and technology content of a running shoes. Xu Rongsheng, Chairman of Shishi Brand Outdoor Products Co., Ltd., frankly stated that he would like to showcase his brand and product expertise in a professional platform to further enhance the influence of the industry and enhance the brand image.

In fact, the Quanzhou outdoor plate has taken shape. The local outdoor brand itself represents the level of outdoor shoes and clothing in Fujian. After years of development, with the gradual development and maturity of a number of local outdoor brands such as CAMKID, Animal Husbandry, Lions Outdoor, and St. Fry, local outdoor products have been centered on Daquan, covering shoe materials, shoes, accessories, accessories, and accessories. A series of external full-industry chains are important participants and industry promoters of ISPO BEIJING over the years.

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