4 magical spells let you change the face

Want to quickly and effectively face-lift? Do not miss the method described below. Here are a few ways to massage face-lifts and face-lifts. Let's turn your face into a melon face! What are you waiting for? Face it right now...

Many women try their best to lose weight. Fat arms, belly and thick legs are of course the number one object, and the bag face also creates obese illusions for the thin person. Therefore, thin face is also a popular weight loss item. How to make the facial contour highlight? The method will be offered immediately and the melon seeds will be regained within a week.

Method one: ancient method of thin face three

Step1: Improve the contour of the chin to start from the right cheek and press the thumb down along the ear to press down to the clavicle. Cycle it 10 to 20 times to clear the lymph and improve the chin contour. The left side is the same.

Step2: eliminate cheek swelling from both sides of the nose with the index finger as a small circle in the cheekbones press down to the lips, can eliminate cheek swelling, circulation to do 10 to 20 times, can smooth laugh lines.

Step3: Prevention of facial muscle relaxation begins with the tip of the chin, pressing to the back of the ear, circulating 10 to 20 times, can control the secretion of hormones, maintain skin elasticity and prevent muscle relaxation.

Method two: Simple face-lift massage

While exercising with deep breathing, it not only stimulates the nervous system and subcutaneous tissue, but also has the effect of preventing wrinkles on the glabellar and forehead.

A. Starting from the sides of the nose beam, passing through the nose wing, draw a circular arc up to the point of the horn, and then move from the horn to the center of the forehead. The practice is to stretch light pressure.

B. Starting from the inner corner of the eye, slowly move the forehead to the horn, and then stretch and press on both sides of the cheekbone.

Method 3: Diet Face-lift

Winter melon corn soup: Because wax gourd and corn have fat, to edema, and this kind of soup is also very simple to cook, continue to drink for one to two months, will be effective.

Method 4: Focus on everyday details

1, away from tobacco and alcohol, tobacco and alcohol will destroy vitamin C, posing a threat to skin elasticity;

2. Chew food slowly while eating to exercise facial muscles;

3, alternating with warm water and cold water to promote blood circulation and metabolism;

4, drink coffee to help eliminate excess moisture;

5, eat more barley to help the body's water metabolism;

6, change the habit of sleeping high pillow;

7, too exaggerated or expressionless expressions need to be improved;

8, regular maintenance of the skin to prevent the skin from loosening due to loss of elasticity.

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