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My previous impression of Meile was fashionable and casual. The more Melo products I have come across are their summer series of upstream and beach shoes. Summer's products, from the perspective of function and design, have nothing to do with professional mountaineering, but this trial made me change the concept of Meile products.

In terms of appearance, this shoe is very fashionable. The exaggerated shape of the sole, the combination of the upper brown and black, and the stitching of the conjoined tongue constitute a personal and aesthetic appearance. From the sensory point of view, its overall feeling is slim, I wear it with a pair of trousers, ski pants, jeans, corduroy trousers, all look good, so you can wear it everyday, not bulky feeling. Personally, I think that current hiking shoes should not only be designed for specific environments such as mountaineering, but also should be used to develop its versatile and multi-environmental uses. Otherwise, it would be too wasteful. And from a sales point of view, this can also expand the applicable crowd to young people who are pursuing fashion and personality, and people in areas where the living environment is relatively cold.

Talk about the feeling of wearing. It can be seen from the product name that this shoe is a medium-weight hiking shoe, so its weight is moderate, and it should be lighter in professional hiking shoes. However, it is not necessary that heavy-weight shoes are suitable for high-strength hiking and climbing. I think that in the outdoor activities, if the functionality and lightweight of the shoes can be taken into account, it is comfortable and practical for the wearer in most of the time and environment. Unless it is a case of heavy burden, but the situation of heavy load is rarely seen in the activities of general outdoor sports enthusiasts, so I chose middle-weight hiking shoes, I think it is more appropriate. For example, when walking in Lingshan and Changchun City, because of its light weight, it is easy to walk in the snow and save a lot of physical strength.

Because of the thinness of this shoe, the fixation of the foot is very good, including to the ankle. When the shoelaces are properly tied, the excess amount of the feet in the shoe (left and right and up and down) is relatively small. If the foot is very fat, this shoe is not very suitable. This kind of design can protect the toes very well. I once experienced the problem of wearing a relatively fat shoe to rub off the fingernail of the thumb during the downhill process. This shoe would not have this problem. Its upper is very high and close, so when the ankle part is under stress, such as lameness, it can do a good support and better protect the ankle.

The bottom of the shoe is a patented design with a good slip resistance. Soon after I got the shoes, Beijing started to snow, and I walked in the snow or trotting on the ice. There was absolutely no problem, including the slope. I tried it all, and the grip was very good, especially in the downhill. Later, I went to several places around Beijing. Because of the cold weather, such long-term places as the Xiaowu could not be completed, and they were all on one-day trips. Beijing is surrounded by snow, gravel and sandy soil. There are many different situations in one day. The mountain is better. It is easy to slip when it is downhill, but this shoe is because of the complex pattern of shoes. These kinds of traffic conditions can be easily advanced. Because the bottom of the VIBRAM is very slippery after water and then stepping on the stone, I pay special attention to this issue every time, but on this pair of shoes this problem is not so obvious, after stepping in the snow or mud, The sole is very wet, and then you can step on the stone path to the flat. It is not clear whether the VIBRAM defect can be alleviated by the design of the sole pattern. I also wore it to the ski slopes and skating rinks because the foundation is thick and GORE-TEX fabrics are not cold on snow and ice, and the shoes of my friends wearing snow boots are already wet, so In winter it is very well insulated, and it is not known how it breathes in the summer, but it depends on the function of GORE-TEX, which has nothing to do with the shoes themselves.

Personally, I think that ordinary outdoor sports enthusiasts really do not pursue extreme environments. Professional hiking shoes are sufficient to ensure waterproof, non-slip, wear-resistance and comfort. There are also complex and high-tech functions. Most people can not use it. Waterproofing and abrasion are easier to do, as long as the coating and material are selected, and slipping and wearing comfort are a bit difficult. This shoe's shoe bed and insole is quite characteristic, the two combined down, very flexible. It is said that the insole can also be deodorant-reducing and shock-absorbing. In the summer, the deodorant is still not clear what the situation is, but the shock absorption is really quite effective. The impact force felt by the knee when the mountain is down is better, and the feeling of the foot is always bouncing, and this rebound Force is particularly evident when walking in general.

Another point may be the reason that is especially suitable for my foot type. I feel that this shoe can basically go on foot, and it doesn't need any premature adjustment.

When I last saw the magazine, I saw that Meile's climbing shoes also won the Outer Equipment Award of the Year. I was convinced that OUTSIDE had previously recommended the summer series. The winning of the climbing series also shows that it is indeed It's unique. Each shoe has its disadvantages because people can always hope that it can meet all of their own requirements, but also that it can have a suitable price. I personally think that the only disadvantage of this shoe is the high price. If it can be less than 2000, it would be better. Domestic shoes are so expensive, it really blocks our hope of experiencing and buying good products.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this shoe, but also slowly experience later, this month is a good feeling, and now the winter is cold, some places are quite snow, I often wear it to work, colleagues looked at I feel quite a pull, but also made me quite satisfied.

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