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-------Evaluation people: all the way back home

April 27 saw the Green Field Equipment Channel released the "Green Field Equipment Camp May period" KEEN shoes trial evaluation information, holding the idea that the heavens can also drop the pie, reported the name, at noon on May 7 received seven seven On the phone, it turned out that the pie was really on his head. Just planned to go mountain climbing for two days this weekend, let this accidental "pie" take a good walk with me.

product description

Name:THE DAN (1231-BKJR )
Measurement Size: Men's 40#
Market price:Â¥1180
product manual:

Waterproof calfskin body Yuanyuan PU shoe bed light stripe non-slip rubber outsole

Brand introduction: KEEN is one of the few shoes that can not sacrifice professional performance in order to cater to popular aesthetics. No wonder KEEN can stand out among many similar brands. KEEN is convinced that the true classic shoes must have a sense of beauty and can never fade. It is necessary to use high technology to support professional performance. It is also necessary to design comfortable feet and wear comfortable, but also to allow you to experience happiness. In the definition of KEEN, a good shoe is designed to allow you to wear on the deck, among the forest trails and during casual shopping. It can accompany you on the land or take you deep into the water. It is a companion that can bring you infinite joyful experience. Focusing on the craftsmanship and materials of each pair of shoes, KEEN, who is constantly innovating and highly integrated into life, will bring you a whole new experience. It's no wonder that all those who enjoy HybridLife are so keen on KEEN.

Assessment Environment: May 8th, Beijing Miyun Yunmengshan: Lishugou-Five Blocks-Yongjiahe-Shicheng One-Day Trekking (Full 20km, Up 1,300m)
On May 9th in Beijing, Yanqing, Huairou Junction of Phoenix: Wangshungou-Fenghuangsi-Jingshutai One-day Trekking (18km, 1200m)

Due to the many mountainous roads that have taken the past few years, two pair of hiking shoes have already been worn. In addition, mountaineering is not always a mountainous route. Sometimes it may take several kilometers of fire prevention roads or roads. At this time, some feelings will be felt. The weight of the hiking shoes, and these weights will be very effortless. Therefore, from the beginning of 2009, I basically went on a military trip, unless we wear hiking shoes in a relatively hostile environment.

Get KEEN shoes this THE DAN (1231-BKJR), feel very suitable for hiking.

After getting this pair of shoes, first discovered that its overall style is brighter, the black uppers look real, and the round head design at the tip of the toes can better protect the toes, especially when accidentally kicking stones on the road. Walking on the mountain often meets the situation. Every detail has practical use, not fancy.

For example, thicker soles can prevent the foot from feeling cramped when walking on the mountain, and the high-top design can better prevent lameness.

The synthetic rubber outsole with high grip and wear-resistant fibers not only prolongs the service life of the shoe itself, but also has a good grip. The anti-slip effect is quite obvious.

The patented, lightweight, lightweight uppers with patented waterproof wicking fabrics are ideal for long walks without odor from sweating in the footsteps.

The design of the insole feels very much in line with the needs of walking, the insole can be washed and detached and is very flexible, the hand flexes, the intuitive feeling is soft and hard moderate, the design of the perspiration hole can not feel crappy in walking.

May 8 Yunmengshan: Lishugou-Five Blocks-Fengjiahe-Shicheng

Not long after the rise from Lishugou, many bare stones on the mountain road needed to be straddled. At this time, we could see that the performance of the shoes was good, and the walk on the rocks was quite steady, with no slippery feeling. And the weight of the shoes themselves is very light, giving the feet more space to play and better controlling the balance between the feet and the body.

There are many types of roads in Yunmeng Mountain, and some of them have to jump big stones, but more roads are such dirt roads with small crushed stones. At this time, you can feel the advantages of this shoe by walking up the road. The patterns in the soles provide a good grip to prevent slippage, and thicker soles make you feel less gravelly.

Sometimes, Yunmengshan has such a road. Of course, this is not the real way. It is exploring the road and walking along the dead leaves that cover the ankles. No one knows what is underfoot, so he goes on cautiously. However, this new pair of KEEN shoes, at least let I am no longer afraid of the possible gravel and branches under my feet.

Only through the dead leaves road seen in the photo above, the shoes become dirty, then wash it. At this time it was already down to the home river and the new shoes were washed in the stream. Water-repellent calfskin shoes are indeed very waterproof. However, the upper part of the cloth is not waterproof. It seems that as long as the surface of the water is not over the shoe laces, the feet are still relatively safe in the shoes.

On May 9th in Beijing Yanqing Huairou Junction Phoenix: Wangshungou - Phoenix Regal - Xingshutai

On the evening of May 8th, there was a thunderstorm in Beijing, the weather became clear and bright, very good, and the horizon was quite open.

However, it was also due to the thunderstorms of the first night that led to some muddy and slippery mountains on the mountain. However, due to the non-slip design of the soles, it felt very good when I went uphill, and there was no strong skidding reaction. Uphill is still quite relaxing.

At noon, the Phoenix suddenly began to snow, and from the above figure, you can still see the top of a bouquet of incense (the tip of the big rock in the distance is a musky) floating snowflakes. The downhill road is still muddy and slippery. After passing the test on the mountain, it is believed that the non-slip effect of the KEEN shoe is no longer excessive. As a result, when it is going down, it is no longer as careful as it was when the mountain climbed. The mouthwash.

Well, let's put two pictures of Phoenix's scenery.

Test experience:
Generally speaking, this shoe design is quite good, the overall style is simple, light weight, non-slip effect is very good, waterproof soles and side of a good, thicker soles are both wearable, but also very good to prevent uneven pavement on the feet The impact, especially the breathability, was very good. It took two days in a row. The total journey was 38 kilometers, and it rose by 2,500 meters. However, due to the waterproof effect of the upper fabric part, this shoe is more suitable for hiking and even long-distance hiking. Of course, this shoe may itself be walking shoes. I just tested the hiking shoes on the mountaineering route, especially on the walking wild mountain route. If it is a hiking route, this shoe will play a better protection and walking on the feet. The advancing role.

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