Often in the stroller, the baby is not healthy.

One year old baby, the body is in a period of rapid development. If the car is in the car for a long time, bone development may be affected, and may even be deformed.

[Chinese and foreign toys and gift nets] baby's father, mother, grandparents, grandmothers, in order to maintain our baby's cleanliness, do not let our baby get off, do not let the ground climb, afraid to soil clothes, afraid to walk unsteady . Let the baby sit in the car more safe and hygienic, we also worry, save energy, how good.

However, you don't know, so putting your baby in the car is extremely unfavorable for your baby's growth.

First, the one-year-old baby is in a period of rapid development. If the car is in the car for a long time, bone development may be affected and may even be deformed.

Second, the one-year-old baby is learning to walk. The only way for your baby to learn to walk and take a good road early is to let the baby walk more. Walking is the most basic ability of a person. It is a daily behavior. You can't take your baby's "learning to walk" as a course, take time out of "specialized training", and let the baby ride in the car on weekdays. In doing so, not only will the baby's walking ability develop slowly, but also let the baby take the walk from the subconscious as a burden, so that the baby can develop a habit of fearing and suffering, and lacking strong will and perseverance.

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