Detection method of neutrophil antibody

The slide agglutination test and test tube agglutination test can be used to detect aggregated neutrophils. Unlike the red blood cell agglutination test, the granulocyte agglutination procedure does not require the addition of antiglobulin reagents, and only relies on the energy of the neutrophils to aggregate. The sera of neonates with autoimmune neutropenia can be used to perform agglutination test, which can analyze neutrophil-specific target antigens, including NAl / NA2, NBl / NB2, NCL, NDl, NEt, 9a.

Several methods for detecting antibodies can be used to detect antibodies against intact neutrophil membrane surface antigens. 125L Staphylococcus protein and 125L anti-human IgG can simultaneously detect IgG on the surface of neutrophils. Anti-human immunoglobulin labeled with fluorescein can also detect neutrophil antibodies by indirect immunofluorescence. The positive rate of anti-neutrophil antibodies in the serum of patients with clinically suspected autoimmune neutropenia is about 35%. Positive patients need to do additional tests, remove the immune complexes by high-speed centrifugation, and block the immune complexes with monoclonal antibodies corresponding to Fc receptors, and then detect anti-neutrophil antibodies.

Anti-neutrophil antibodies can also react with normal bone marrow myeloid precursor cells. Sera from patients with severe neutropenia are prone to react with immature myeloid precursor cells and also to mature granulocytes.

Techniques for identifying specific anti-neutrophil target molecules include: Western blotting, immunoprecipitation and antigen capture. The antigen capture method uses monoclonal antibodies to immobilize neutrophil membrane molecules in polypropylene beads or porous reaction plates. These fixed The molecules are incubated with serum and anti-immunoglobulin reagents are used to detect specific antibodies.

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