It is not difficult to buy a good wardrobe.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In the modern family, the overall wardrobe has become the decoration choice for 90% of users. However, many consumers often encounter various problems such as the sliding of the sliding door, the accidental deformation of the cabinet near the sunlight, and the falling off of the partition inside the cabinet in the specific use of the whole wardrobe product. The whole wardrobe enters the room synchronously with the decoration, and the later replacement is relatively troublesome. Therefore, how to choose a whole wardrobe with no worries in the process of purchasing becomes the topic of most concern to consumers. In fact, it is not difficult to pick a good wardrobe that is durable and worry-free. The answer is: you must pay attention to more details and strictly examine the product quality in the selection.

Today, we will talk about the special attention when buying the whole wardrobe, and provide a reference for everyone to make a decision.

Wardrobe process

First, the material process determines the life expectancy is the success or failure of the purchase

“What kind of wood is this bed used for?” “Can this table be replaced with XX wood?” Currently, in the whole wardrobe area of ​​the store, consumers can often hear such inquiries, even sales consultants are amazed. : Today's consumers are becoming more and more professional and more and more knowledgeable.

Wardrobe purchase

It is of course necessary to attach importance to wood when choosing a whole wardrobe, but why do some handicraft workshops use the same first-class wood, and the overall wardrobe is often used for a few years?

The answer is very simple, only the first-class material + super-class craftsmanship can basically determine the life of the overall wardrobe. The requirements for the selection, drying and subsequent seaming of the overall wardrobe are very strict. If any process is not tight, small cracks, loose joints, etc., and large sets of deformation, so that they can not be used. Therefore, the production of the whole wardrobe is not simply a matter of cutting and splicing the wood into furniture. The selection process is to select the life of the furniture.

For example, the most critical first step in the manufacture of furniture is wood drying. It is the key and difficult point of solid wood products. If the dryness is not passed, the quality of the whole product will be affected, which will not only affect the appearance but also damage the function of the product. Therefore, only large manufacturers have the strength in this respect. Take a branded wardrobe that is very prominent in this aspect as an example. All the woods of the brand are processed by the Italian Nadi company's program-controlled drying equipment to control the moisture content of the wood. After 40 to 45 days of kiln kiln, fully automatic and repeated forced treatment, the wood should be aged for 15 to 20 days under natural conditions before it can be put into the machine process, so that the wood used in the furniture can be stabilized and the normal environment can be ensured. Under use, no deformation, no cracking. These processes ensure the stability of the use of wood, not only further remove the factors of wood deformation and cracking, but also achieve the protection of wood insecticidal and egg-killing, even if the cost is increased, it is worth it!

Wardrobe detail

Product Description

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