Gravure UV flatbed printer standard focuses on environmental pollution

The UV flatbed printer standard is divided into three parts in advance, namely gravure printing, lithographic printing and bill printing. Later, based on the implementation and promotion of these three standards, we will consider further expanding the range of types. Among them, the UV flatbed printer standards related to lithography and bill printing have been introduced and received positive responses from printing companies. The gravure UV flatbed printer standards have also been reported to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and entered the stage of soliciting opinions. Here, introduce the key content of the gravure UV flatbed printer standard.

The standard is applicable to gravure products and printing production processes of paper, plastic and their composite materials, and mainly covers the following:

(1) Develop control indicators and requirements around the environmental characteristics of the production (printing) of gravure products;

(2) The pollution discharge of gravure printing enterprises should comply with the national or local pollutant discharge standards and requirements

(3) Environmental issues before gravure printing;

(4) Organic solvent for gravure printing and after printing;

(5) Resource saving of gravure printing;

(6) Actively adopt advanced technologies and production processes that promote resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, pollution prevention and emission reduction;

(7) The printing process adopts organic solvent drying recovery device or solvent drying emission treatment device;

(8) Promote the use of water-based inks;

(9) Use co-extrusion and solvent-free compound process to reduce the generation of VOC;

(10) Strengthen the recovery and institutionalization of organic solvents and materials containing organic solvents.

The gravure UV flatbed printer standard highlights the requirements for reducing VOC emissions, of which the requirements for reducing VOC emissions occupy 24 points in the scoring standard. At the same time, it is clearly stated that the key stations for solvent volatilization must be equipped with an independent solvent recovery device, and then the solvent can be reused in different ways at a later stage, such as solvent heat recovery and solvent reuse.

Regarding VOC emissions, various regions have successively introduced relevant emission standards. For example, in November 2010, Guangdong Province issued the "Guangdong Province UV Flatbed Printer Industry Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards"; in September 2013, Beijing issued the "Beijing The 2013-2017 Clean Air Action Plan Key Task Decomposition stipulates that the emission standard of air pollutants in the UV flatbed printer industry will be established in 2014, and at the same time, the VOC limit standards for products will be established.

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